Our Story

Lady Jane Sequins is based in Bristol in the summer and Bangkok in the winter, where our products are handmade by families Lady Jane met during her 30 years travelling and working in Thailand. 

We are an ethical business, we believe in sustainability and good working practices. We believe in above average wages, honesty, transparency, having a laugh, not sweating the small stuff, picking up the pieces when times are tough and celebrating our successes together when times are good. 

We believe that slow fashion does, and should, take time and we value our tailors expertise and experience needed to make the very best in sequin wear. We believe our ethos is reflected in the quality of our sequin clothing and that a little touch of sparkle made with lots of love can go a long way... and (more importantly) last a long time!

So who are Lady Jane Sequins? 

The Original Sequin Festival Queen: Lady Jane

Lady Jane Sequins

Imagine a time, only a decade ago, when there was barely a sequin to be seen, I know...Unimaginable! As a circus performer, I was constantly, scouring festivals for original, sparkly, fabulous costume wear, with mixed results. So when I reluctantly hung up my juggling hats and acrobatic shoes I decided there was a gap in the market… just waiting to be filled!

Lady Jane Bristol, as we were then, was born and was the first trader to introduce sequin vintage clothing and costumes as well as brand new sequin clothing designs to the UK festival scene. En masse! We tried a new concept in festival selling, to bring the most beautiful boutique shopping experience to our customers in the field. And the rest, as they say, is history! For nearly ten years I’ve been touring our sequin-laden, disco booming, magic making festival shop at festivals all over the UK, a few in Europe and Thailand too. This strange year of 2020, we decided it was time to try and translate that festival feeling online and invite you all to our very own website! 

The Ultimate Sequin Boss: P’ped

pped sequin boss

Lady Jane met P’ped in the little lanes of the enormous JJs Market in Bangkok nearly a decade ago and it was sequin sister love at first sight. P’ped is well known and well loved in Bangkok, she has been a trader all her life, but actually she wants to be a lady-monk. P’ped works with various members of her family and extended family sourcing, repairing, reworking vintage wear of all kinds. It’s P'ped and her team that make our beautiful robes, jumpsuits and jackets. 

P’ped lives, breaths, speaks, loves sequins and beautiful clothes 24/7, she sleeps at her shop more than she does at home, and is the ultimate Sequin Boss lady! (Although Lady Jane did manage to introduce the concept of holidays a few years ago, and she’s never looked back - hence the Lady Monk ambition!)

The Funniest, Friendliest Head Tailor: Suree

Ethically made sequin wear

Long before Lady Jane Sequins was a twinkle in my eye, Suree used to make my circus costumes. No matter how disorganised I am (and I am, shhh!) or over the top I want something (and I do) Suree always has it in hand with the biggest booming laugh you’ve ever heard. It was a natural progression when I began my business to have Suree on board. Suree works with a tight-knit team of tailors who patiently hand sew each individual sequin onto our hand sewn shorts, bralettes and playsuits. When we’re not talking about sequins in the shop we can both be found laughing and putting the world to rights over copious amounts of Thai food on the street outside.