End of an Era!

End of an Era!

It's the end of a fabulous year, and sitting in the winter sunshine in Ibiza is giving me a moment to reflect on where we've come from and where we're going!

If you’ve met us in the field over the past 10 years you probably know we started out as Lady Jane Bristol, about a decade ago - trading solely at festivals, and bringing vintage sequins en masse to the festival fields. Long before sequins were the festival / party go to outfit, Lady Jane was digging out and reworking, repairing and reselling various vintage sequin collections from all over the world! Vintage circus costumes, 1920s rare beauties, ‘50s chic, ‘70s Studio 54 magic a ton of 80s ruffles and ball dresses.  Vintage sequins are still my all-time love, and vintage circus costumes will always be my biggest obsession! 

Lady Jane Bristol

Fun fact: I used to be a circus performer! I had a duo hat juggling act and an acrobat flyer circus theatre piece. As well as being a generic performer on stilts and roller skates (pretty badly tbh), occasional aerialist and long term circus skills teacher.

Taking inspiration from the quality and cut of old circus and dance costumes Lady Jane Sequins was born when I designed my first bodysuit and shorts collection. Which I’m really happy to say are still going strong today.

Lady Jane Sequins

customers and pop stars wearing lady ajne sequins sequin festival bodysuits

 Over the years we have dressed thousands of women and men in the festival fields, it looks like we sell sequins, but the trick is we actually sell confidence! When some one struts out of my shop with their head held high, and I see them dancing all weekend in the same outfit having the time of their life, I LOVE it. The best job in the world when it's good (nightmare when its not lol)! It's intense, really hard work, you see the best and worst of everyone, especially yourself, and never stop learning and making mistakes. The worst of the weather, the best of human nature, the community, lifelong friends, extraordinary experiences and interactions, the music, all night dancing, sunrises, hangovers, the every day fry-ups, life stories, the life changing monumental decisions made in a second, amongst other things. I do believe the experiences and relationships gained from festivals are like nowhere else on earth ever. I’m so grateful for ALL of them, no regrets and a billion amazing memories, but I think our festival days are numbered! 2024 will just be Glastonbury. One huge festival has taken us out by informing traders of a ‘site wide ban on sequins’. That’s a whole new blog in itself, as I feel there needs to be more nuance, but let’s not get distracted now - I’ll let you know when I’ve written it!

Time to Switch Off the Lights

lady jane sequins stall at glastonbury festival

It’s time for a change, both personally and professionally. Better weather, healthy environment aka by the sea, beautiful scenery, a(nother) great community, a fun crowd. Business wise I need to be back within the EU, and I want to be, and personally and professionally I’m sick to fucking death of the UK government! Lol.

SO the exciting NEWS is…..I have signed a lease for a gorgeous, little boutique in IBIZA OLD TOWN! To say I’m excited, is a gross understatement - I mean I’m even writing a blog about it.

Welcome to Lady Jane Ibiza

inside of new shop in Ibiza lady Jane Sequins

24  Calle de la Virgen, Old Town Ibiza

Google: "Calle de la Virgen is a well-known street in Ibiza. Famous for its nightclubs, shops and restaurants, it is a fun area with a gay scene."

I can’t wait to get moving and trading! I’m going to document the journey, the best I can. If you've got any particular questions or advice please do let me know. I’m SO excited, and a little bit terrified. So needless to say……If you find yourself in Ibiza next summer, please come and say hello. Because I know, as much as I will love it, I’ll definitely miss the British banter, the irreplaceable festival fields and all you fabulous ladies and gentlemen! 

Thanks for reading!

Asta luego friends xx 

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